Cow manure A high nutrient moonure! Ideal for all plants, particularly azaleas and camellias.
Sheep manure Versatile animal manure. natural slow release manure. This product is weed free and comes from feed lots.
A great manure for top dressing garden beds. Suitable for flower gardens, vegetable gardens and rose bushes.
Chicken manure This quality manure can be used on lawns and vegetable gardens. Only needs to be used sparingly.
Multi Mix manure

A little bit of everything! Made up of 50% sheep, 40% cow and 10% chicken moonure.

Manure & Mulch

Composted manures (all) and composted mulches. Good for vegetable gardens and cottage gardens.


Water Saver Black mulch This mulch is ideal for all gardens. It will protect your soil and aids in water retention. A good all rounder, use it on your azaleas, camellias, roses and natives.
Karri & Peat mulch Made from Karri bark and screened 100% organic mulch. Restricts weeds from growing and aids in water retention. Great for use on all sorts of plants.
Chunky Pine mulch This chunky mulch restricts weeds from growing and aids in water retention.


Mushroom Compost Helps to retain soil moisture and is perfect to perk up vegetable patches. Use it on top as a mulch, or dig it into the soil as a soil conditioner.
Soil Conditioner 100% organic, this mix contains peat, composted organics and sawdust. Use for all your gardening needs and lightly spread it over your lawn.
Potting Mix (36L Bags) Specially designed for pots. It's free draining, which promotes healthy growth for plants. Includes selected sand, sawdust, crushed bark fines and trace elements.

10 Bags.... $95

20 Bags.... $162

50 Bags.... $380